Augenklinik in Frankfurt

For more than 16 years the primary objectives at Augenland Eye Care Center have always been Perfect satisfaction with your new “sharp look.” Since it’s founding in 2000, Dr. Tecirlioglu Augenland offers patient treatments at the highest medical standard and advanced level of science. The clinic provides a broad range of conservative and diagnostic therapies as well as outpatient eye surgery.

Augenland’s highly motivated team place a lot of joy and commitment using the latest technologies and innovations. When it comes to one’s own eyes trust is the major focus. Augenland, the highly modern eye care center, wants to provide you this trust in the heart of the metropolis. Augenland is providing the complete range of ophthalmology from determination of lens strength to operative treatment all about the eyes, whether it is correction of vision errors by laser or cataract surgeries.

Augenland is also your specialist contact person for aesthetic eye surgery and beauty all about the eye and far beyond.

Augenland is certified with quality management by TÜV ISO EN DIN 9001-2008

We work with all statutory and private health insurances.

The eye care center, at the 4th floor in Kaiser Strasse 1 at Goetheplatz, looks to serve their patients with the latest technology, a competent team and a welcoming atmosphere.

We look forward to your visit.