Cataract is a clouding of the eye lens. Typical symptoms include a slow, painless loss of visual acuity. It comes to a reduced contrast sensitivity, disturbed color vision, increased sensitivity to glare, decrease in visual acuity that are described as “blurred seeing”.

The only possible treatment is a cataract surgery. Every year in average 650,000 operations are performed in Germany, so it is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in ophthalmology. During the procedure the clouded natural lens is replaced by an artificial lens.

As the cataract surgery in ophthalmology has become a routine procedure, in most cases it is performed in outpatient with a local anesthetic. Certain factors may complicate the surgery for example if you wait too long and over time an overripe turbidity has evolved. If you look at people with strong lens opacity, you can see the gray color behind the pupil, where the name cataract derives.

The visual performance can be returned to normal as a rule, but this also depends on whether there are present other eye diseases. By cataract surgery an existing increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma) may be normalized in many cases.

In Augenland cataract surgeries are performed outpatient with anesthetic drops, without narcosis, without stitching and with the latest technology. After the procedure, patients still require read or varifocal glasses. But also here there are surgery treatment options that will enable a life without glasses.

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Treat cataract and visual defects in one step

Typically at a cataract operation patients receive a standard lens, a so-called monofocal lens that does not correct existing vision defects such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

A special lens allows you to see well in all distance and in most cases without any glasses.

Since January 2012, the implantation fees of such premium lenses are subsidized by health insurance companies in Germany so a part of the fee is refunded.

The patient pays the difference between a standard lens and a special lens and the extra effort for the customization.

We gladly will advise you in a personal pre-operation discussion, which lens is best for you and what charges may apply.

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