Since 2009 we are offering widespread services in surgery treatment for correction of refractive errors in our eye care center Augenland. Because of intensive further education and long pedigree of our team of doctors we are able to provide an individual treatment for our patients and also guarantee the most modern treatment. Our highest priority is the healthcare of your eye. The focus is on comprehensive and qualitative advice for our patients.

Femto-LASIK is an approved and safe procedure to correct refractive errors. Worldwide, it is the preferred type of treatment for the correction of refractive errors as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses. Even NASA and Navy acknowledge this laser treatment for their pilots. Age of 18 years and a good physical condition is a prerequisite for Femto-LASIK. First, in addition to a detailed specialist medical eye examination the determination of the actual refractive error is in focus. The patient should not wear contact lenses for at least two weeks.

Following preliminary investigations are carried out:

  • General ophthalmological examination
  • Slit lamp examination
  • Tear film determination
  • IOP measurement
  • Measurement of pupil size in darkness
  • Corneal topography

The course of treatment
The eye is anesthetized locally with drops. With a femto-second laser (Femto-LASIK) a thin cornea-lamella is prepared. This lamella which is also called “flap” is not completely severed, but maintains a connection to the rest of the cornea and serves as a “hinge”. The flap is folded to the side and the laser treatment is carried out on the underlying tissue, which corrects the refractive error. Potential eye movements are controlled by the eye tracking system and the laser is getting adapted to the position in a few milliseconds. After the treatment, the flap is folded back, the area between corneal lamella and the cornea is rinsed thoroughly and then the flap is positioned again accurately. The flap closes the corneal surface of the eye completely and heals quickly within 4-6 hours. In the time after your treatment, follow-ups will be carried out at regular intervals. Even if you have no afflictions, you should keep these follow-ups. So you can contribute to an optimal treatment success.
Lenses implants – intraocular lenses
When a laser treatment cannot be performed for medical reasons, lens implants are a good alternative if you want to miss out on a pair of glasses or contact lenses.
At the lens implant an additional lens is inserted into the eye. This process can be reversed and can correct vision defects of any kind. The lens is placed in a small procedure in front of the iris inside the eye.
The lens is fixed with two tiny clips on the iris. So it cannot slip and remains precisely in its place. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and you can go back home after treatment.
Lens implants of ARTISAN and ARTIFLEX are among the best known and most used lenses.

The criteria for treatment are:

  • You are between 18 and 60 years old
  • You have stable dioptre values, which did not change for at least one year
  • You are in a good health condition

Are lens implants suitable for you? Contact us, we will advise you.